Cantata Bio

“Cantata Bio unites the world-renowned genome assembly and chromatin epigenetics capabilities of Dovetail® Genomics with the cutting-edge Galileo™ microbial solutions of Arc Bio. The synergies created by bringing together these two great brands will enable us to better serve our customers today, and bring more impactful products to market in the future. The world is moving rapidly towards multi-modal approaches. Through Cantata Bio, we are excited to lead the way, delivering powerful new tools designed to meets the needs of tomorrow’s science.”

— Todd Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer, Cantata Bio

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CYAS Tech – Cyber Ascend Technologies

Cyber Ascend Technologies is a family company that values its community, relationships, and service above all else.

We offer completely customizable IT Packages, from small business to enterprise levels, all base on your current level of need. Whether that be backups and antivirus, security awareness training, of full-fledged cloud migrations, we can take the headache away so you and your employees can focus on your business.

Our IT Packages are broken down into 3 main categories:

  • IT Essentials: For those who need low-level patching, antivirus, and backups
  • IT Essentials Plus: For those who need slightly more robust support, including Security Operations Center services, as well as advanced log monitoring.
  • IT Fortify: For those who wish to outsource their IT department fully. With the addition of Helpdesk and Virtual Chief Information Officer services, their IT Fortify package is the all-inclusive IT Department you need, without all the overhead and staffing hassle.

We want you to be unstoppable. We love tech and care deeply for our community. Our team of passionate capable techies are ready to help you ascend to the next levels of your business through positive and proactive tech. 

Interested in knowing more? We offer a free consultation to evaluate the health of your tech, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Pagoda Technologies

We work with small businesses and agencies, primarily in Santa Cruz County, Monterey County,  and Silicon Valley. Our clients include non profit organizations, insurance broker companies, real estate agencies, government offices, emergency responders, technology manufacturers, attorneys, and CPAs. Based in Santa Cruz, California, we love serving clients in our local area so that we can provide in-person, concierge customer service rarely found from outside IT support. Our clients benefit from our customized offerings, tailored to propel their business goals, improve workflow, and strengthen cybersecurity. Let us know how we can best serve your business.

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Perfumer’s Apprentice

Frangrance Creation Boutique The Perfumers Apprentice offers natural essential oils and absolutes, fragrance oils, and even sophisticated aroma chemicals and bases from Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Robertet and others. In addition, we also offer classes and educational kits to aid our customers in their creative process.
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Pixel Scientific, Inc.

Pixel Scientific designs custom LCD displays to the digital signage, aerospace, marine, medical and other industries.  Our patented technology allows us and our licensees to excise custom displays from mass-produced, donor AMLCD displays, making small-volume, custom displays possible.

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