Membership Levels

Chamber Membership Includes:

  • Earn public confidence by being a chamber member
  • Post chamber decals at your business
  • Your business listed in our online business directory and in the Scotts Valley Gateway to the Santa Cruz Mountains directory and tourism guide
  • Contact info for other members of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Have your business and events showcased on Chamber social media channels
  • Attend our business networking mixers to make connections
  • Ribbon Cutting Events for your business hosted by Us

Employee Base Membership

This includes most businesses. An Employee Equivalent is 40 hours per week worked by any number of employees, excluding overtime. (e.g., 2 employees working 20 hours per week = 1 Employee Equivalent).

1-5 – $225
6-10 – $275
11-20 – $350
21-50 – $400
51-100 – $500
101-200 – $625
200+ – $700

Non Profit Rate

Non-Profit Community Charities – 501c(3) charities existing exclusively for fund raising, and which return all proceeds to the community.•

Public Spirited Individuals

May wish to help promote ScottsValley. They are listed in the roster by their given name.

Non-profits and Public Spirited Individuals – $150

Sponsorship Levels

Upgrade Your Membership to include Annual Sponsorship Opportunities for Both the Art Wine & Beer Festival and the Community Awards Gala

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