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About Us

BRUVS make technology SIMPLE, if you need 1 on 1 help, office consulting, or even remote assistance.. BRUVS is there for you!

The last time you had a technology problem, how much time did you lose trying to fix it yourself?
Do you have a backup of all your Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos?If your phone died, or worse was stolen, would you lose ALL of your contacts?

Are you lost when it comes to managing your company’s online presence?

Do you know which Social Media outlets are the right ones for your business?

The Guru’s at Bruvs specialize in helping you navigate the endless options in todays rapidly changing technology arena.
Technology should not only increase efficiency, it should also give you more time to focus on the things that really matter to you.
At Bruvs,
we put the technology to work for you!

We can help with Samsung, Apple, Windows, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, phones, cases, iPad’s, Tablets, batteries, backups, external drives, drive recovery, office and home Wifi, finding good internet service, web hosting, websites, improving cell signal at home, office networks, global networks, Cloud systems, seriously, all of it.
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