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Music is a language that transcends culture, gender, class, and color. It unites, empowers, dignifies, uplifts, and stirs us to live better lives.

At Mountain Music School, our goal is not just to give music lessons but to inspire our students and our community through this rich and diverse language.

Our mission is to sharpen minds through music. Time and time again, music has been proven to improve the lives of those who engage with it. Be it fine motor skills, personal discipline, improved concentration, or even working well with others, music is so much more than just a hobby. It is an expression of a life well lived.

Our philosophy is that the best music comes from people that are passionate about learning and playing music. Every single one of our teachers is a world-class performer who loves teaching students and helping them reach their highest potential. More than that, we seek to be role models to our students, hoping to inspire a love for music and the community we live in. We want our students to become as passionate about music as we are because we know how music can improve the world.

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